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Title: Study Group Last Weekend
Post by: JRob on March 09, 2010, 06:26 AM
All Had an amazing weekend with Michael Hagedorn. Learned so much. Spent the time talking about pots and repotting my large Yamadori Pinus ponderosa and Yamadori Juniperus scopulorum (RMJ) both collected in 2007 by Andy Smith at Golden Arrow Bonsai. This is their first repotting since the were taken from the wild. In addition we repotted my large Juniperus  chinensis (Shimpaku) purchased from David Kreutz that was initially styled by Marco several years ago. Finally we repotted my Shohin Premna microphylla (Japanese Musk Maple) that was purchased From Don Blackmond at Gregory Beach Bonsai.

Shimsuki and I now have almost all of our trees repotted that needed it. We will finish the remaining 4 this weekend. Then we have to do our satsukis on a saturday in April with David Kreutz since it is still to early to repot them.

Will try to post some pics this weekend. Spring is must on the way. My crabs, elms, privet and maples are all swelling their buds and leaves are appearing. 4 days of rain are predicted, no nights projected to drop below 40 degrees over the next week. We have set up our benches outside and depending on the forecast will move the trees outside from the pool cabana the beginning of April. Now they are being moved out only during the day if it is above 40 degrees to be bathed in the sunlight and adjust. It is a great time of year! 

Regards to all,
Title: Re: Study Group Last Weekend
Post by: shimsuki on March 10, 2010, 06:12 PM
Pics of the trees he repotted with Hagedorn. The musk maple is here ( Heights are as follow; Trident-6in, Ponderosa-24in, Shimpaku-22in, Rocky Mountain-16in (up to the deadwood).

Title: Re: Study Group Last Weekend
Post by: JRob on March 10, 2010, 07:32 PM
Good Evening All,

A couple of comments. The Ponderosa was planted in an antique Japanese drum pot that I think will be its final pot. Because this is the trees first potting after initial collection the root system needs to be changed over time to bring the trunk into the correct placement in the pot. The RMJ has the same issue although this wonderful Sara Rayner pot is not the final choice. The tree will be gradually tilted to create a cascade and an antique japanese pot is waiting on the shelf for the correct time when it can be used. The red chinese pot that the Shimpaku in is the right color choice to offset the vivid green foliage but the tree will eventually demand a pot worthy of it. Right now the goal was to get it into something it could thrive in. As for the trident the larger shallow pot was used to provide the right environment to develop the nebari I want and it will eventually be repotted into a more appropriate pot. I am searching for just the right one. I loved the japanese pot the Musk was put in by Don so why spoil a good thing. The blue looks lovely in the fall when the leaves turn a soft buttery yellow. It is a spectacular and very unique tree. It is always well admired by everyone who sees it.

Title: Re: Study Group Last Weekend
Post by: bonsaikc on March 11, 2010, 09:28 AM
Jrob and Shimsuki,
I can't thank you enough for sharing your trees and stories with us. You are so fortunate to share an interest...I have no doubt that this is a huge advantage, not just for your trees, but for your relationship as well. Thanks so much.