Author Topic: STOLEN BONSAI!!!  (Read 2261 times)


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« on: November 16, 2015, 01:52 PM »
One of our Sacramento club members had many bonsai stolen from her yard over the weekend. Here's a partial list of stolen trees:

Seriyu Japanese Maple - young, about 14 inches tall - pot broken off during robbery
Japanese Maple Dancing Peacock Large 30 inches tall, shallow pot broken during robbery - very large, wide nebari, large branches broken during robbery
Japanese Maple grove (5 trees grown together at base, very old) 24 + inches tall, oval mica pot rolled edge inward, at least 24 inches +, 12 inches wide.
Eastern White Pine 18 inches plus tall, probably that wide, round plastic training pot
Japanese green maple, grafted 18 inches tall, grafted branches and roots, 25 years old plus
Japanese  green maple, yellow fall color 18-20 inches tall
Japanese maple "Butterfly" Seedling from Tosh Subamaru, grafted lower branch, top removed, stub dead, not yet removed.  large nebari, very curved trunk, 20 plus yrs. old
Japanese green maple from Lotus Bonsai, shohin, very curvey,7 inches tall plastic round training pot
Japanese maple "Bonfire"  side grafted lower branch, 18-20 inches tall  10+ years old
Azalea "Nikko" from Tomiyama collection,  Old, medium size in round training pot
Azalea "Minato"  30" tall, oval cream pot, showing some bloom
Azalea "Kinsai"  Midsize, round plastic training pot showing some bloom
Shimpaku Juniper, shohin, double trunk, round plastic training pot.

Plus at least a dozen more.

Please report any suspicious sightings to me and I'll pass them on.