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OK here is my take. This site has been extremely active in the recent past. At the moment it has dragged to a snails pace. I believe it is the result of the long protracted problems with access. For the last week or so (possibly longer) it has been stable.
I am curious as to how many individuals are stopping by, and, how many are from a time prior to July 2016.
I have enjoyed reading and at times contributing to the conversation. I want it to continue.
Lets see who.... and how many, will be here......


I am new to the forum, but I definitely would like to learn more from others experience.  As I am a newbie to the hobby.  So far some few individuals have been nice enough to chime in and give me some feedback to my ID question. 

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I stop by at least twice a week to see if there is anything new. I do not write a lot mainly because many of the most recent topics I do not have much stake in. On the other hand......... there are a number of species that I grow or have interest in, that would be good subjects for additional topics. These forums make an excellent place for building a foundation of expertise on various species outside the normal trees grown as bonsai. With the help of those who have years of experience, you could easily reinvigorate the bonsai forums.
My goal is to post a number of species this winter that I have not found in other forums, with the hopes of building a collaboration of knowledge. But like all of us, we grow trees....... if we don't get to it this week, or next week or this year, there is always next year!!  Time is only a reference in life!

I will try to support you in your efforts, Scotty

Glad to meet you Tyrone and Scotty. Hopefully many of the members from the past will return. If I may, if you would take a couple of moments and go to the profile section above and list a few answers it will help. It's always nice to know where the person you are talking to is. In addition, advise given... And received, is very much related to where the individuals are. Don't want to know your street address but your town or county .... Country etc are helpful

I check here almost every day, but there has been very little activity for a long time now, even before the server/access problems started things were really inactive. Most posts were getting little or no response. No wonder people went elsewhere...


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