Author Topic: SOS!!! I AM CONFUSED AND PANICKED, HELP PLESE!!!  (Read 1168 times)


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« on: May 21, 2013, 07:43 AM »
Guys, I've had this Chinese Elm for three weeks now. It was going great the first week turning all new buds into healthy leaves. Then some of the leaves had white tiny spots appearing. It took me two weeks to realise with the help of some of you that I probably have spider mites, which makes sense as I saw spider webs on the bonsai but didn't make much of it... Meanwhile, I wanted to leave the tree grow all its leaves before pruning, so I haven't done so yet, thus it looks a bit wild and by now I think sun cannot penetrate on the inside but for what I see, the tree is weak and not in a good shape so it's not a great time for pruning. I also had some leaves turning yellow then I gave it a bit more water (as in more frequently), the problem corrected for about 5-6 days (as in yellow leaves felt and it seemed OK) and then I watered again after which a third of the leaves turned yellow overnight!!!! Now both yellow and green leaves fall when touched! I THINK I'm watering correctly, i.e. when it's dried up between waterings but not completely then I give it two rounds of watering within 10-15 mins until water runs down the drain...

Now I am panicked and confused...
1. Are the yellow leaves because of bad watering or because of the spider mites? Am I giving too much or too little water?
2. Should I prune now?
3. Should I spray against spider mites and with what? I was advised by Dario to use 50% water 50% milk and 2 squirt of dishwashing liquid...
4. Which one of the above should I do first and how much should I wait between any of them before proceeding to the next step?

All help will be much appreciated!! THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!


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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2013, 08:22 AM »
First welcome and may I suggest that you adjust your profile so we can see where you are. The treatment for trees is very much a factor of their location.

With your new tree, the Elm, being only three weeks with you, it could be as simple as it adjusting to a new location. Or one of the things you mention above.

More info is necessary....please

my two cents