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I understand how to and why it's important.  But How often should you clean the top layer of soil and replace?  And can it be harmful to the tree if you clean the top layer of soil too often?  It would seem like to me, you should clean and replace the top layer of soil maybe every 6 months or so on a tree where you use alot of Akadama and Organic Fert. 


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Re: Soji!!!
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I do every Fall before the trees are put away.  Sometimes, with lots of rain and organic fertilizer/soil breakdown I will do additional, where needed. 

I noticed this year 2 small azalaes that I usually repot annually that I missed this Spring did fill up and with roots and needed some additional care.  Luckily(?) one was blown off the bench (or helped off by some animal pests) a few weeks ago and broke the pot.  I was able to repot and get it settled in without much problem.