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One for Owen - no need for a response - 3 mm glass beads
« on: November 01, 2014, 11:19 AM »
Morning Folks,

using a Fustic [ Chlorophora t.] seedling as the starting point about two months ago in a small earthenware pot, with just compost.

We were able to locate 3 mm glass beads, and started a project. The objective, to grow this tree into a Bonsai, using only pots for growing in.
[ By the way with images coming for after Christmas, I can show that the Fustic, does trunk thicken with the use of a long branch extension, thus far no reverse tapering.]

Presently the container can be lifted by carefully holding the trunk of the tree. First or early stages of being pot bound.

Next stage a pot large enough for 6 months, and then another 6 months. So on January the 2nd, the plant will be prepared for an upgrade.
Depending on what is seen with the branch extension experiment, the Bonsai will be about 12 inches, or 15 or 18 inches tall.

We can produce porous fired clay marbles at 8 to 5 mm, and probably do the same with glass if we have to.

The mix of soil and glass is also boosted with a teaspoon/s of compost added to the top of the soil level and moss/mosquito mesh holds the beads into pot so the watering doesn't knock them out.
Further boosting is given by Multicote [ similar to Osmocote, but designed for 30 deg.C / 86 deg.F ]

The fustic was chosen because it superficially resembles the Zelkova, and hopefully the colder climate folk can still relate the experiment.
Good Day