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Rick Moquin

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Pissed off
« on: June 25, 2009, 02:46 PM »
I am going to be candid here Ladies and Gentlemen.

Hitler commited suicide. Although I believe in moderations on forums, I also believe in moderation.

I am a serious bonsai practitioner who wishes to participate in an exchange of relevant information.

I am not here to blow sunshine ....

I am not here to post irrelevant information to UP my post count, and make myself look favourable to the audience at large.

However, to me at this point in time, BSG is just another forum trying to get off the ground. Those that know me, know that like many others I have restricted my participation for various reasons, one of which was why this site was raised.

I applaud the initiative of those involved, but if for one minute you think you can dictate what is going to go on here, then ban me know.

I came here by invite as I, as well as others that are here are fed up with the *censored* on the net these days. Just make sure this site is not a participant.

I support and endorse moderation, what I have no time for is *censored*.

This site is in its infancy, my contributions and continued participation will be conducive of what lies ahead! Not on someone agenda.

Are we clear!!


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Re: Pissed off
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2009, 03:06 PM »

The Bonsai Study Group team understands that you're frustrated, but not necessarily why.  Your posts were not moderated or modified in any way.  The BSG Admin left a gentle reminder reply in a seperate thread to address concerns to a broader audience.  We are sorry that you took offense to this, but your reaction and subsequent posting in that thread and your starting of this new one warranted us to impart a 3 day posting ban.  We would have liked to have handled this privately via PM, however your posts prevented that from happening.

We hope that you continue to read the informative threads on this forum, and that you return to posting in 3 days.  We look forward to your constructive contribution to the community. 

Thank you,
The Bonsai Study Group team