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Bonsai Study Group Admin:

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John Romano:
Come on folks!  I know you have a great pot, stand, tool, even tree that you are willing to donate to the auction for Mr. Omachi and his family.  When you donate to many organizations for disaster relief, you don't always know where your money is actually going and if it will help anyone.  Sometimes good efforts get tied up in bureaucracy and don't achieve what we hoped for.  This is a case where your money can go to help one worthy family directly who lost all.  The auction site is easy to use.  Let's go!  ;D
peace in bonsai,
john romano

Bill Valavanis presented a short slide presentation for the Omachi Relief Fund at the Bonsai Society of Upstate New York meeting last evening. Bill had slides of the devastation but also of the wonderful Bonsai the Omachi family are known for.
We also learned the fate of two Bonsai. Doug Paul's Juniper that was in the Kokufu ten this year was lost forever to the sea... The good news is that the amazing Hemlock that was shown a year ago is safe in the USA.
We past a big jar after the presentation by Bill and our members stuffed it full of cash and checks. This Friday our Board will discuss what the club Treasury can afford and we will donate that as well. This is one time you can be sure funds you donate get to those they are intended to help. Please consider donating yourself and encouraging your clubs to do the same!



Bonsai Study Group Admin:
Marco posted on Wednesday:

--- Quote ---Today I have been able to reach OMACHI. When We spoke he was at the hospital taking care of one of his 2 little daughters who is sick and still very shocked by the recent events. The entire family moved in with the uncle of his father who lives near by. He told me that his town is a ghost town and lots of friends are still missing. Omachi and his family has been informed about what we are doing for them and he asked me to tell you all ....HOW MUCH THEY APPRECIATED YOUR GENEROSITY AND PRAYERS AND CANNOT FIND ENOUGH WORDS TO EXPRESS THEIR DEEP GRATITUDE.
They are living now "on hold" waiting for the conditions around them to get better.

Shinji Suzuki who is coordinating the fund raising from Japan told me that he received aprox $1300 in donations from foreigners and that he found lots of japanese willing to help the cause. OMACHI ISAO is well-known and highly respected in Japan not only for his skills but his kindness as well.

Farrand Bloch editor of Bonsai Focus will run an editorial about Omachi on the next issue of his magazine. Support Bonsai Focus means supporting the cause as well. If you know any other magazine/newspaper/website interested to talk about OMACHI GAMBATTE please get in touch with me.
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John Romano:
Time is running short for the auction of three antique Japanese scrolls generously donated by Craig Coussins for this Omachi Gambatte auction.  There is a little over 6 hours left!  Some may not have the opportunity to get to a chance at buying such historical items at a reasonable price and donating to a great cause.  Check them out.
On a side note, one of the scrolls has mistakenly been set to end on April 15 but should be ending in 6 hours like the rest.  We are rectifying that.  So.... all three scroll auctions will be ending at the same time a bit later today. Don't miss out.
thanks  and I'll leave the pulpit  ;)
John Romano


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