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John Romano:
An anonymous gift of a beautiful scroll has been added to the Omachi Gambatte auction site.  Check it out.  This particular auction runs for 10 days.

Bonsai Study Group Admin:

--- Quote ---At 2.45pm on the 11th of March there was a large earthquake which lasted for a long time. It shook for so long that I was not sure how long it would last for and it was truly frightening.

At that time only my wife and I were at home. Our children were at school and my parents had gone to the neighbouring town. The school is on high ground so I was certain the children would be safe.

Eight years ago, there was an earthquake of similar magnitude which was not followed by a tsunami, so I thought that this time would be the same. Even so I placed all our valuables in a bag, after which my wife and I began to move some trees of customers to higher ground. We managed to move ten trees before I saw the tsunami coming. At that time we were in the middle of moving the Juniper which was awarded the Prime Minister's award at Sakkafu-ten.

We left the bonsai behind and tried to escape to a nearby mountain, however it was too steep and we were washed away with the tsunami wave. Thankfully we were able to cling to a tree and somehow we manage to climb up the mountain to safety. I honestly thought we were going to die. That night we slept in the school, it was very very cold as were wet through and snow was falling.
The next day I went to search for my Bonsai. We had over 300 trees in the garden but they were nowhere to be found. After one week of searching I could find only ten trees.

In the future I plan to start doing Bonsai business near Morioka, however at the moment there is not a thing left in my garden and I must start again from scratch. I plan to prepare little by little by doing as much wiring as I can to earn enough to start again.

The thing which left the biggest impression on me was the power of nature, to be honest it was more than a little scary. It was like something out of a film, my town has been almost entirely washed away.
It is hard to believe.

I have received a lot of help from my bonsai friends and colleagues from all across Japan and thanks to the efforts of Marco, the Kennett Collection and of course, Shinji Suzuki. I have received help from Bonsai enthusiasts from around the world. I am truly, truly grateful from the bottom of my heart. I wish in some small way to repay the kindness of everybody who has helped me. The only thing I know how to do is how to make Bonsai and so one day I
hope that we can all enjoy making Bonsai together.

Isao Omachi
--- End quote ---

Bonsai Study Group Admin:
Update from Marco Invernizzi:

--- Quote ---I want to inform you all that during the upcoming ASPAC congress that will be held in Takamatsu, Japan at the end of november, the Kennet Collection and I ( and probably lots of other friends from all over the world) will give to Isao Omachi ALL the money raised so far by OMACHI GAMBATTE. We may all get together for nice friendly dinner or have a more official cerimony, it is yet to be decided. Our intention is to give to Isao checks that he will later decide to use as he wish. Needless to say you are still in time in case you want to donate more or start now. :-)

Isao has already the full control of the japanese bank account that was initally opened by Shinji Suzuki. The italian and american bank accounts will remain open so to allow Isao to cash the checks when he will need to do so. We will personally put together a list of all the donators that will be given to the Omachi family and after the show I will travel up north to visit them and the village of Yamado-cho where they used to live till the 11th March.

Isao is keeping himself very busy. The japanese bonsai community has been supporting him by sending his way lots of work and great deals and every time I talked to him he seems to be in a good mood. He is one of the official demostrators of ASPAC 2011.
--- End quote ---

hi there im new on bonsai treees but i need help and i need step by step help cause i think i have 2 or so days till my bonsai dies so please help :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
--- Quote from: Bonsai Study Group Admin on March 15, 2011, 09:45 AM ---From Marco Invernizzi:

--- Quote ---Isao Omachi is the rising star of Bonsai in Japan. He used to live and work in Yamada-cho in the Iwate prefecture with his wife, 2 daughters and his parents. The recent tsunami didn't take their lives but EVERYTHING ELSE they own. They lost EVERYTHING including one of the most amazing bonsai collections in Japan. They need our help. They need it now. Gambatte in japanese means: " good luck!" or " do your best!" The best we can all do is to donate money. 3 bank accounts will be soon open and ready to receive your donations: 1 in Europe, 1 in USA, 1 in Japan and a PAYPAL account. I'm sure that the Omachi family will share whatever we will be able to collect with relatives and friends in need. Help us to help them. Dont' wait, please don't wait! Thank you You can find Omachi on FACEBOOK, if you speak any other languages than English please translate this message and share it with everyone!
--- End quote ---

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You may want to start your own thread in an appropriate section.  List the species, your location, and any important information that may help with suggestions and feedback.  Pictures never hurt either.


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