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chris s:
Hello all,

My name is Chris and this is my first post ever on any bonsai forum.  I have been an avid fan of bonsai for the past 12 years or so now but still a beginner with many questions.  I have lost some trees over the years due to frequent moving and lack of knowledge.   I have just recently made the decision to try my hand at bonsai again.  At the moment I have two trees in training.  A collected american elm and a nursery stock berberis thunbergii, both of which will be for shohin.

Chris Swink

Welcome to the online bonsai community, and welcome to Bonsai Study Group.  Is there anything specific you'd like to discuss?

chris s:
Thank you bwaynef.  Most recently I have become very interested in JBP.  I have always been fascinated by the appearance of a JBP but I think in the past I was too worried that they would be very difficult and that I would end up killing the tree.  I am ready to try my hand now.  I suppose this would need to be in the JBP post though.  Trying to get all of the rules down.


Heather Coste:
Welcome Chris!

Yay! Welcome, Chris!

Chris was one of my first ever beginner students. It's good to have you here! (I've learned a lot from Boon and others since...)



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