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Hello all! Intro - sufferer of BT all my life. My son gave me a Mallsai two years didnt make it. I cried. So I decided to start with herbs...they survived. Did some reading. I live in an apartment with a southwest facing balcony. More reading. So....a trip to my local nursery, and $150.00 later, i came home with a gorgeous little Juniper, a willow leaf ficus, a lavender, and some air plants, and more herbs. Next trip was for another Juniper and some wire and some training pots, a new bonsai pot. I found a local bonsai club. Today I brought home a lovely Barberry. I spend most of my time reading, reading, reading. Plans for a little wintering spot in a protected corner that gets sun after the yard maple loses leaves. Now I need to get some bonsai potting soil components for the appropriate time of year... Some pics of most of my babies, the orchid is feeling left out tho