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Myke - vegetable food
« on: July 11, 2014, 01:21 PM »
Came a across a box of this says 8-4-5 [ N - P205 - K20 ]


Should look more like this - 8 N - 1.76 P - 4.15 K  if my arithmatic is correct ?

Anyhow our local ficus p. is being grown in 70 to 80 % rounded aquarium gravel painted in acrylic colours [ source China ] and 30 to 20% compost, all by volume.
Been feeding it compost and weak inorganic fertilisers at around 7N and 1 P - 1 K.
Rainy season, is here so maybe MYKE could be tried. 66% might be peat, as the fertiliser goes.

Our problem was slowing down the ficus, as our two earlier disasters ended up with 5" trunks and massive wounds that are difficult to heal, and so rotting begins.
Then the other soil mixes wouldn't grow anything properly.
The gravel / compost mix works well.

Anyhow, anyone know if this MYKE has any problems?

Couldn't find an NPK for Channa [ Garbonzo ] powder or Dhal [ ground split peas] otherwise those powders could have been composted for use.
Thanks for any help.
Good Day