Author Topic: Martha Choy Project- Bonsai Study in Japan  (Read 1258 times)


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Martha Choy Project- Bonsai Study in Japan
« on: February 02, 2013, 12:30 AM »
Bonsai Friends and Family,

I am so proud to introduce a new talent in bonsai, to the world.

One year ago, my friend and student Martha Choy mentioned her
dream of study in Japan. The more we talked about it the more real it became.
Investigation found that there are several short term bonsai study
possibilities available. Start time is very flexible, and cost is

Many Folks have gone to Japan to study, The
benefits to their clubs and the bonsai community have been huge. With the advice and help of Mr. Peter Tea, she has chosen the amazing nursery of Junichiro Tanaka...Achien.

Here is the proposal:

We will support Martha Choy with
fundraising to go to Japan to study in March 2013. To date 3000 dollars have been pledged by the bonsai community.

What is the cost of a short term apprenticeship in
Japan, I’m sure you are wondering? 300, 000 yen.
That include 3 meals and accommodations and tuition, everything. Add some
for travel expense and it comes to a bit more than $4000.

So...Who is Martha Choy?
1 Very unique. She is Crazy about
bonsai. She is a devoted mother and a wife. Her family is completely
behind this endeavour.

2 She is a Mexican citizen. Which gives this an
international angle, two clubs to support her, two countries. She travels to the USA multiple times a month to study bonsai currently. She has been involved
many years- here and in Mexico. She has led her local club as president. She speaks Spanish, English and is taking
classes in Japanese. Language will be no barrier.

3. She is a hard worker; I believe she will have
the stamina for the hard work as an apprentice in Japan. I’ve seen her in
action many times, she is the perfect candidate, she is tireless, strong, and willing
to do anything asked of her.

Lastly what in it for us? We get:

1. Pride to have sent one of our
own to be trained, we are proud to have
helped someone who is such a good and caring person.

2. The knowledge she brings back
will be unmatched. Many of the recent
improvements to the Bonsai community have been due to students bringing back
knowledge learned as apprentices of Bonsai
teacher in Japan.
So I am proud to give to Martha and wish her well
on her bonsai adventure.

Martha now has a website and a blog. She has promised to keep us updated with
interesting tidbits from Japan while she is there. Cant wait.

Would you please go to her site and make a little donation. She is currently around a 1000 short of her
goal with a month to go. Any little bit
would really help. All donations will be
noted on her donor page, and will have the gratitude of this special Lady.

Good Growing,
Big Dave




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Re: Martha Choy Project- Bonsai Study in Japan
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2013, 11:07 AM »
Thank you for those who have already responded,

Thank you...

what amazing people we have in Bonsai !!


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Re: Martha Choy Project- Bonsai Study in Japan
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2013, 04:39 PM »
And thanks again, we are just about there,

Who wants to go next  ?


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Re: Martha Choy Project- Bonsai Study in Japan
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2013, 01:04 AM »
Done deal, she is a good to go  !!

here is a letter from MC

To all Members and Supporters,

     I wish to thank all of you that helped to sponsor me to study Bonsai to Japan.  I am very excited for all your comments and support, especially for the confidence you all have in me.
     For me, Bonsai is not only the design and growth of trees but embodies a whole culture and lifestyle.  Permitting me to go to Japan leaves me in direct contact with the culture, people and Bonsai.  This allows me to become an importer of the new techniques and procedures from firsthand Bonsai artists.
     Upon my return, I pledge to share with all of you my experience and hopefully participate actively in Bonsai activities for years to come.

Again, thank you. 
Martha Choy