Author Topic: design proposals for a permanent bonsai collection near Milwaukee Wisconsin  (Read 1185 times)

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This is a new project in the early design phase, and is really exciting. I'm not a member of the board but I have donated. I am hyped. A couple key points,  one is the old argument about whether bonsai is art or merely a craft, well this project is planned to be housed at a sculpture museum, not a botanical garden - says volumes towards the thought that bonsai is art, as thought of by collectors of art. A second point to keep in mind, the design requirement of the sculpture garden's board is that all structures, and displays reflect North American design sensibilities. No "American copies of Japanese designs" allowed.

A lot of typing was done in the thread I am linking to, so rather than repeat it, I am providing the link. The original poster is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Wisconsin's Milwaukee campus. His senior students were tasked with coming up with 10 design proposals for the sculpture park. The designs must include, blend into and incorporate elements of the park setting, including materials used. So Cor-ten Steel and wood are used is most of the designs.

Read and enjoy. It is a radical concept for north america.
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