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Re: Bonsai Tree age - Just out of interest
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Age is the illusion-----------that needs to be sold in bonsai.  All of the things that go into a tree stylistically and technically are done to give the appearance of age.  There are some things like the nature of the bark and the quality of dead wood that are very difficult to duplicate if not impossible, these are the kinds of things that are age dependant----for the most part.   However; the question of how old is the tree is nothing more than bragging rights that seem to add to the value of the tree.  There was once a tree in the Whit Mountains nick named Methusilia.  A dendrologist asked the forest service about the age of the tree and if he could count the rings, the forrest service said of course.  So they cut the tree down and sent him a cross section of the tree.  The tree turned out to be about 5,000 years old.  Trouble is it wont get any older.