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Juniper sap issue

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Thanks for the replies.

I put some insect treatment which seems to have worked as the leaves like there is a lot less sap on them.

 I haven't done any pruning and I won't until next year as it was heavily cut back in April as it was a nursery plant to begin with. The leaf colour was dark to begin with but it's turned lighter an more blue with time. It appears to be in good health, plus the cuttings I took off it have taken.

 Any advice on pruning in April? As Geoff says it needs styling, some has been done when it was cut back but it needs a lot more work yet.

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My advice on pruning in April is don't. Your tree is weak and does not have much foliage. A juniper's strength depends on foliage.

It should have rest and fert in growing season of 2018, let it grow. Revisit in Spring of 2019.

What I would do is to plant it in the ground and leave it for at least 4 years. Heavily frtilise with high nitrogen fertiliser. It will never produce a thick trunk in a pot, and will also not grow much.
I would be using seaweed extract through the winter if it remains in the pot.
Left alone it will always be a youg looking plant in a pot.

M. Frary:
  I'd get it into a  larger container in the spring if it's alive.
As soon as I saw it was healthy I would drop the hammer on it.
4 years will let it get away from you.
If alive in the spring wire it.

I have attached an end of summer photo. You can see it looks much healthier and should survive winter. I agree it would need some work next year but it also doesn’t want too much to weaken the tree.

 I may remove some branches in years to come as I think currently there are too many. I would plant it in the ground for some time but my garden doesn’t allow me to do this but a larger pot is possible. Only issue is you end up with a bonsai sat in a large ugly pot for many years.

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