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JRP #1 started at a byot workshop @ BLC w/ Boon

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Very Jealous.

Sounds like an amazing experience.  Love the tree.

Adair M:
Wayne, do you have an update on this one with all the branches wired?

JRP are notorious for cracking when bending.

I wired this one for a friend last year for preparation for the NC Expo show. Since it wasn't my tree, I was super careful about not cracking any branches.

I'll try to remember to get a new picture.  I lost one branchlet that I cracked ...and I cracked a few during wiring and placement.  Right now I'm giving it as much sun as I can (which isn't much), feeding it, and watering it.  I'm torn about repotting it next spring.  I wish it was showing a bit more vigor.

To consolidate things back to one thread, here are a few more threads I started while still attempting to get this tree thriving.  I've so far been unsuccessful, but I think its getting there.

I'll try to get some of the updated pictures posted to this thread.

Here it is after plucking a good bit of the old needles.

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