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Hi everyone.
I am new to this forum but not to bonsai. I left another forum because of people fighting with each other.
My specialty is satsuki azaleas, which I learn about by working on them with Dave Kreutz at his nursery.
I like shimpaku too. I just wanted to introduce myself and some of my trees.

Bonsai Study Group Admin:
Welcome to the Bonsai Study Group.  Please take a moment to read the Welcome thread.

If you have images to share with your post we ask that you upload them here. Ideally we want users to upload their photos here for discussion, as often external links and embedded photos become broken as images and other files are removed or URLs change.  Additionally, images posted here are hidden from guests, encouraging visitors to register for the site and contribute to the community.  You can still embed uploaded images within your post using Bulletin Board Code and the uploaded image URL.  If you need a reference please visit the help section of this site. If you need further assistance please feel free to post your question to the forum feedback section.

You are allowed to edit a post for up to 45 minutes.  If that time passes and you wouldn't mind uploading your photos in a separate post a forum moderator will be happy to edit and place the images for you.

Three trees I left out.


Welcome to BSG.  I really like the first picture (maple) and the twisted juniper really caught my eye.  Would you mind posting them to the shohin board and providing more info?  I know I would enjoy learning more about these as I'm sure others would as well.

Jay Wilson:
Hello shimsuki, and welcome.
The last picture really caught my eye...could you share a few more pics of it? (in the appropriate section of course)




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