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I need help for my first JBP

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This is my first JBP and would like to know how to trim it to help back budding and at the same time start styling. Some reason I just cant read a book or an article and understand what to do. I hope some one with patents can advise me.

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Welcome to the BSG.  First, you need to decide what size tree you would like: small, medium, large, etc.  This will have some impact on the next steps to be taken.  You will need to introduce some movement into this one as it will likely not make a convincing formal upright.  You will need to feed it aggressively and time your pruning to help induce back budding.

For pine growth (and most other trees as well) you will seldom want more than two shoots at any one spot.  That will likely mean that you will need to remove one of the main "branches" and thin out any remaining shoots greater than two towards the top at some point.

Chris has some great articles (here and here) on how to develop a smaller bonsai with seedlings. 

Thank you for your reply, I would like to grow my tree to medum size 24 to 36 inches, I have started feeding my tree a timed release furtlizer (OSMOTE), I will reduce the branching to two branches taking out the center back and will try to wire to establish movement. however what do you mean by reducing to two shoots? Cut back the needles? Thanks  for the start.

I believe by shoots he meant branches.

Regarding this tree's future @ 24-36", a general rule that we aim for about 50-60% of the time is having a trunk girth 1/6th the height of a tree.  Bonsai by the numbers can be a little boring so I try to stay away from recommending that, but just for some perspective, @ the height you mention you'll need a trunk 4-6" thick.  That will take a considerable amount of time.  If having a JBP @ 24-36" is something you'd like, I'd suggest getting different material to start with so that you can actually start learning the art & CRAFT of bonsai.  You're in for MOSTLY a waiting game.  (That's not to say that your tree, left to grow on its own devices, would turn into usable material through your patience w/o you imposing your will on it, ...but for the most part you're waiting on it to grow pretty significantly so you can cut it back down ....just to let it grow out pretty significantly so you can cut it back down....)

Even @ 10:1 (height:width), 2½-3½" will take a while.  Are you prepared to wait 15-25 years?

I suggest you read up on the links provided you earlier and at Evergreen Gardenworks.  Brent, EG.G's proprietor, is a wealth of knowledge and has written extensively on growing JBP from rough stock.  


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