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Title: Honeysuckles
Post by: Bonsaiteen on January 08, 2014, 07:42 PM
Hey everyone. There were a few honeysuckle shrubs in my yard and I was wondering if they would be good for bonsai. I didn't tell my dad that I was planning on using them, and he cut the down. The stumps are left, but I am worried that they will die because they were cut in the middle of winter. My main question is, Is there any chance they will live. I know that they are hardy plants, but I have no experience with them.
Title: Re: Honeysuckles
Post by: Bonsaiteen on January 08, 2014, 07:55 PM
I noticed that the cambium was peeling off some of the trees so I put rubber bands on to see if that would help it heal. It probably won't work but it was the most I could do at the moment. The larger of the trunks was not peeling but pretty banged up.
Title: Re: Honeysuckles
Post by: Sorce on January 09, 2014, 06:43 AM (

"can be hard pruned in winter" - good
"Old Lonicera trunks tend to be stiff and erect and this can create difficulties when designing them as bonsai" - bad

So I reckon they will be fine.

The best thing about your shrub is the clearly different sized trunks. If you make cleaner cuts, and keep the thickest the tallest, thinnest the shortest, you could be off to a good start.

I would trench it in spring, to start compacting the roots, and leave it there a year or more if you can, let it grow new leaders strong in the ground, gain some movement and taper.

Looks like fun!


Title: Re: Honeysuckles
Post by: bwaynef on January 09, 2014, 11:13 AM
There are a LOT of untapered, straight trunks.  Those aren't exactly what we look for in bonsai.  The last picture of the first post is the ONLY trunk I'd consider investing any time in.
Title: Re: Honeysuckles
Post by: jlushious on January 09, 2014, 01:05 PM
I posted about a honeysuckle (privet) that I acquired some time ago. Had some good info in there. Just make sure if you do give them a shot, that you watch at the cuts for too many buds, on the one I have it had some weird bulges on higher branches from post-cut budding that got carried away. I cut most of it down anyways so it didn't matter, but it might be hard to fix if it's lower on the tree than mine were.

Original thread here: (
Title: Re: Honeysuckles
Post by: Owen Reich on January 09, 2014, 09:15 PM
They will likely die back some.  Hard to say on honeysuckle.  They definitely won't die  ;D.  A bunch of shoots will pop wherever they are alive.  I live in Nashville and there are millions more no matter what happens to those.