Author Topic: Suggestions for new/different club meetings/programs  (Read 1557 times)


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Suggestions for new/different club meetings/programs
« on: August 11, 2010, 10:14 AM »
With planning for next years calendar coming up in many clubs I'm wondering what programs people enjoy.  My local club often lets me down, lacking new energetic fun programs.  In an effort to stay positive and affect positive change I try to suggest new and different programs.  I'm wondering if others have experienced the same. 

What programs do you enjoy?  What are your suggestions?

How have you affected positive change?

Walter, Bill, and others that travel, what exciting things have you come across during your travels nationally and internationally?


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Re: Suggestions for new/different club meetings/programs
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2010, 02:00 PM »
My club offers tuition assistance for members who wish to participate in workshops.  The member who recieves the T.A. then gives a program for the club members about what was learned at the workshop.  I will be doing a program next year for my club about my trip to nature's way nursery in harrisburg, PA.



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Re: Suggestions for new/different club meetings/programs
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2010, 02:40 PM »
I am a member of 3 out of 4 bonsai clubs in the Sacramento, California area. Each club has a distinctive different flavor but my absolute favorite is the Sacramento Bonsai club. I love going to the meetings and have to take a night off work to do so. The meetings that are most memorable are:
A.) Saikei workshop. The club supplied small shimpaku junipers, trays to plant them on, rocks for the landscape, soil, different colored small gravels (crushed lava, ect) for top dressing, moss, and a couple low growing ground covers. We broke into teams of 5-6 people and raffled the creations at the end of the evening for a dollar per ticket. Could buy as many as you wanted. It was amazing the creative designs that came out of that workshop. Great fun!
B.)Kusamono workshop. The club supplied various small plants and ground covers, soil, moss, small pots, flat stones, and other cheap ceramic  saucer type trays bought from thrift stores. Everyone got a kusamono to take home. We are fortunate to have Mary Sakaishi in our club who is a noted kusamono expert.
C.) Cuttings workshop. We learned about the different types of cuttings (hard wood, soft wood, root) broke into teams and actually made numerous cuttings of different types of plants. Club supplied soil, rooting hormone, small plastic containers, cutting material. Again raffled off the containers of cuttings also small bags of cuttings to take home and root on your own.
D.) Air layer workshop. One of the senior club members did an air layer demo and club members were to bring in anything they wanted to try to layer. Club provided plastic, root hormone, long fibered moss. We broke into groups and helped those members that needed help, discussed where to layer, ect.
E.) Big name demos. Twice a year we have Boon M. come work with us on black pine or junipers. These are always heavily attended meetings though can be pricey depending how much you have to pay the demonstator.
As you can see we are always doing something fun.
Mary B.