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Found insects in my fertilizer.

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I had made up a pan of holytone and flour that I was scooping onto my trees. Today I went to scoop some and found these insects.   Should the mix be dumped or would it still be ok?    andrew   

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This is fairly common with the organic fertilizer that I make.  Does it look like they could be maggots?  This isn't particularly bad, but can be avoided by mixing a little Sevin dust or similar in with the mix.  Not a problem, as long as you don't have animals (dogs, cats, etc) that you wish not to poison. 

Heres a pic



Heather Coste:
Yeah, they look kind of like maggots to me too. Holly tone contains things like dried blood, bone meal, all that good stuff that flies find pretty hard to pass up. I keep my stuff covered when I'm not using it, but if it is maggots, you could just pick them out, or even leave them. They are unsightly and creepy, and will turn in to flies, but harmless to the trees. I personally would pick them out, cause they kinda creep me out :p


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