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Found insects in my fertilizer.

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While you are mixing your fertilizer, I recommend adding a little dry or liquid Sevin to the mix. Be careful with it, wear gloves, but it will kill any vermin wanting to lay eggs in your stuff. Just be sure your dogs can't get to it.


Some of my stuff is low so the dog does get it.  I sprayed it with an insecticide from Bayer.  It seemed to kill the stuff in the fertilizer.  I will try and find something with a tight lid to keep the crawlies out of it.       andy

Yes, Diatomaceous Earth will slice the bugs to shreds.  It is like crawling on glass.  Creepy crawlies hate the stuff.


  But what does it do to youre hands as youre mixing it in?   I saw some at a local nursery, I may have to get some.   andrew


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