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Re: fertilizer
« Reply #30 on: August 23, 2014, 10:14 AM »
Thanks Paul.  But if the point is to bulk up trunk dev., why do you feel organics are better?  I heard that chemical ferts give faster growth than organics.



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Re: fertilizer
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I never had much issue with fertilizing my plants with organics, I used to use fish emulsion fortnightly.  It was only when I switched to chemical  and listened to the advice from the people on bonsaitalk that everything fell apart, those fools are still giving the same advice.

I think solid organic blocks, like those used in Japan, are best if you can keep them moist.  Where I live they just dry out and sit on the surface.  Liquid organic fertilizer is good, but increasingly having urea added to boost N content, which is not good.


Can you clarify...I was under the impression from previous discussions that you were having difficulties due to your water; I don't recall you mentioning that problems started when you made the switch from organic to chemical ferts. If the issues started when you made that switch, why not just go back to organics? As opposed to mixing up your own chemical fert?

BTW, I've also noticed the tendency for the cakes to dry out and just sit on the surface, and we don't have a very hot dry climate here. Makes me wonder how much fert they are actually releasing.



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Re: fertilizer
« Reply #32 on: August 23, 2014, 10:48 AM »
Just to throw in a cent or two. I use bio gold anb chicken waste product for the slow stuff but every two weeks I used chem fertilizers and everything at the moment seems to be growing very well.