Author Topic: Define the Penjing Styles  (Read 6493 times)


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Re: Define the Penjing Styles
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Sorry for the Multiple posts but the screen does wierd stuff once the box is full?

 I love how these discussions pop up from time to time,  and my question is always the same: so?.


I understand your question John and glad you asked.
Not long ago I was looking at the first style on a very nice collected firethorn. It has an amazing masculine trunk and had some very interesting thick twisting branches.
I was torn between removing these branches to create a more realistic miniature tree or keeping the great character of these branches.
I figured that I needed the help of my mate to find my penjing side to enable me to utilize these branches.

I never did and am now heading towards a much more refined style that will take much longer to accomplish. Will it be better without those branches I am not sure. But I notice Artists such as recent works from Walter Pall are getting very good at utilising thick branches instead of chopping back to a trunk and starting the branches agian. I think we would all benefit from looking into our penjing side on occasions.