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Clubs! Thank you for the advice
« on: June 07, 2013, 07:13 PM »
Well as a bonsai newbie I went to my first club meeting last night. It was better than I could possibly have hoped! All the advice I read on here when new people asked for it was to seek out a club. So I did! For my first meeting I brought a pretty raw trident maple from a local bonsai grower (only some small leader pruning done on it). I had some great advice (plant it in the ground and come back to it in a few years... :S). But I also left with some cuttings, a new pot, a lovely shimpaku juniper, an oak (which I'm scared of already), a small maple (will need help identifying the type) and a shohin juniper (I think) in a pot - all from a club draw and members helping me out to get started with some not so raw material. We also had a great discussion about pine maintenance at this time of year that was really interesting.

In short, I just want to emphasize the value of these club meetings for all the other new people out there, definitely worth the annual membership fees and you get to see some other lovely trees that other members bring in as well!

Also want to thank everyone on here for continuing to state the obvious (join a club!) when us new people show up and start asking a zillion questions!  ;D