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Cliff rose and alligator Juniper


My wife and I have been spending a week in Arizona, Visiting the Grand Canyon and several other National Monuments.
The beauty is unbelievable. I have seen so many small stunted trees that my head is spinning. Pinion Pine, Ponderosa Pine, various Juniper and Spruce. They could go directly into a pot and be stunning. And yes I know it is illegal to collect these gems.
My thought and question is about  Cliff Rose and Alligator Juniper. Does anyone use these for Bonsai? Some of these two species look remarkable.....
Any thoughts or knowledge out there?...

Alligator junipers are great. They get a very blueish color after collecting. They are really tough and the produce new foliage from old bark. I have some examples of what I collected in my website. I really like it.

What arcina said.  Get him to collect for you as he is a pro ;D.


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