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Chopping a Ginkgo


Can anybody offer some insights on how to treat/heal a chop on a Ginkgo?  I've had this tree for years and moved it out of a nursery pot into this mica pot shortly after receiving it. It hasn't been repotted since it was put in this pot. It has a nice base (that might need to be cleaned up and repotted soon) and I thought it might be about time to remove the boring part sticking out to the side.

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Owen Reich:
Large cuts on ginkgo heal very slowly if ever.  I'd have the tree really pepped up with fertilizer with a strong root system when I made the cut.  I'd also leave as much foliage on the tree as possible to aid in the healing efforts. 

Have seen some heal, and some rot to the base of the tree.  The younger the plant, the better.  I'd say you have a shot at healing that one if you remove the large trunk given the above conditions and efforts are there.


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