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Hi folks, just finished moving from Vancouver, BC (Canada) - zone 8b to Calgary, Alberta (Canada) - zone 4a. My collection is still in Vancouver with my trusted family until I can determine which trees will be able to move with me. Just wondering if anyone on here is from Calgary - or knows someone who is? My efforts at finding a bonsai club here are pretty fruitless at this point.

Thanks for any help!


I can't help you, but I am moving from Canberra, Australia to Vancouver BC.

What are your recommendations for clubs in the area?

It depends where you are living but there are two major clubs on the mainland:

BC Bonsai Society:

They are great, I was part of this club and found it to be really helpful. They have a member who has studied in Japan.

There is also the Westcoast Bonsai Society:

They meet in North Vancouver, but I do not know much about them.

The climate there is so good you can grow pretty much anything, just make sure you have good draining soil as it rains a lot.

Hi Jodie, there is no club in Calgary. I can't even tell you about other bonsai hobbyists here other than myself. I moved from Ontario back in 2011 and brought some trees with me. What survived is as follows: Eastern White Cedar, Larch (Tamarack), Scots Pine, Mugho Pine, Itiogawa Juniper, Blue Rug Juniper, Alberta Spruce (this one not really thriving, it is just there), Eastern Hemlock, Hinoki Cypress and Amur Maple... I lost a few trees which could not cope with Calgary's weather - freeze-thaw cycles brought on by Chinooks. Trees were brought out of dormancy or their hardiness was lowered because of warm spells and they perished. Also you mentioned 4a hardiness zone - in some sheltered areas of the city you'll get that. Otherwise it is 3b (this is where I am) or even 3a...brrr... in a summary, conifers seem to be doing ok here, most of the trees I lost were deciduous trees. If you have Japanese Maples, Tridents, Beeches, Burning Bush, Elms, Crabapples, Birches you may as well leave them in BC. I had Boxwood, Linden, Hinoki Cypress Sawara nad Korean Hornbeam that barely survived here and I had to take them to my friend's place in BC and plant them in the ground in effort to revive  them. Anyway, if you want to, please contact me so you can get a bit more info on the topic, maybe see my garden and the trees that made it.

Thanks! I have not brought any of my trees from BC. I didn't want to take any chances with them since they were fine where they are for the winter (in BC).

I do have some deciduous that I will be sad to leave behind (my tridents, my prunus and particularly my dawn redwood). I figured most of those wouldn't make it out here, just too dry with all the winds to stay hydrated enough.

I will PM you, I would be interested in seeing your collection!


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