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I've wanted to get started with bonsai but have never really known where to start. I was hoping to find locals who had bonsai experience to chat with and maybe have coffee. Watching videos and reading online is just not the same as being able to learn from someone and share experiences in person.

I was wondering if you two ever got together. I'm sure there are many isolated bonsai keepers in Calgary. Maybe we just need to dig to find them all :)

Jodie, can't you provide some kind of winter shelter...garage, hoop house, shed in Calgary?  I'm pretty sure you'd be able to grow decid. trees this way.  Big culture difference b/w Calgary and Vancouver I bet too ;)

We haven't gotten together yet, but have exchanged some emails. I have intentions to go check out his collection, he said he has some winter storage situation set up. Right now the few trees that I picked up here, are deciduous and I have stuck in my shed. It's on the protected side of the house, so it should function well enough for this winter (they are also in large pots - probably too big, but it should provide some protection for now).

We certainly should start up a group discussion. Maybe a study group type format, where we just meet at someone's house once in a while to talk bonsai.

Definitely a very different climate than Vancouver! Colder winters, hotter summers and lots of wind. Eventually I will probably be putting together a winter structure, but seeing as we just moved into a rental house for now I can't do a ton. From what I have seen, there are a number of native deciduous trees that thrive here, just from looking at the landscaping and the foothills range land. Aspen and such seem to do fine here.

In any case, Caine I will pm you and we can connect via email as well!

Greetings. I like finding threads like this because it is close to home. I am one of those Calgary bonsai keepers, more like 2 summer tree killer tho. Lol. I am a Calgary native who decided it was high time to get into bonsai a couple years ago and only had 1 of my garden collected plants survive the first winter on my patio table fully exposed. Yeah dumb but it taught me a lesson. That same tree has survived my amateurs soil mixes, totally dry roots, and over watering. I have purchased some Wally world trees ( indoor) but mostly for the pot. There is a little garden center just east of Chinook mall called garden retreat. They have no plants worth bonsai but it is the only place I have found tools pots and other essentials. I have been looking around for other bonsai enthusiast's since before I planted my first seed and have been largely unsuccessful myself, and would be very interested in meeting new people with this common interest.

Hello all, I just happened to stumble onto this thread while searching for Bonsai clubs here. I'm a SAIT student in Calgary and I'm fascinated with Bonsai but am having some troubles starting up and learning the basics; YouTube and google can only help so much. :( I was hoping to find a group that met on a regular basis where I could learn...unfortunately I have very little experience with bonsai or plants period and can use any knowledge I can get. Would be great if something started up?


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