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Calgary Bonsai?

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Hm, yeah that could be a problem, I will have to work something out. I rent my house and we don't have a garage or access to the basement (or a spare room to turn into a cold room!). Definitely limits things. I will have to take a try at it this year and see what happens, I don't really have other options.

I know how hard it is.  I've been doing Bonsai in Calgary for over 30 years and have found the temperature-controlled greenhouse to be the only thing that's reliable.  I know not everyone has a greenhouse.  If you have someone in BC to take care of your trees, you're better off leaving them there for a few years if you plan to go back.  I'm sure you know that you can't grow trees from BC outside in Alberta; wrong climate zone.  Without a greenhouse, the only Bonsai trees you can grow here reliably are tropicals.  Nice ones are hard to find; I bring mine in from Florida.

Please stay in touch and let me know how you do.

Well I finished my winter prep yesterday. I dug a trench alongside my house on the north side, used the dirt from the hole to build up a bit of a berm around the edges. I lined it with straw and then put all my plants in there. I gave them all a good final water and then packed them with more straw. I covered some completely, others up to some of the lower branches. All the pots have straw packed in between them for maximum insulation.

Once it snows I will stack all the shovelled snow on top for extra coverage and hopefully that will keep everything frozen for the winter.

I will have to dig in and give them a water every once in a while since the straw has a tendency to shed water a bit (especially when it's as deep as I made it). But when we get chinook winds and things warm up I should be able to poke the watering wand in there and give them all a water when they need it.

Pic below is halfway through the straw packing process. Fingers crossed!

Do you have to do any protection from mice and moles and voles where you are?

Hey guys, im new ro bonsai and living in YYC, i was just hoping to revive this thread and see if anyone is around.


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