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hello everyone my name is chris and im a tree hugger till i find the ones i think will look good in a pot then out comes a pick and axe.

im also glad to have found my mate bill on here and mum

nice to be here
lets begin to learn

Welcome.  It is fun to hear from folks down-under.  With the season switch it makes it interesting to see and hear what you are working on as opposed to those of us above the equator.

thanks for the welcome. looking forward to adding some pics very soon

Heather Coste:
Welcome to BSG, glad to have you!

-A fellow tree hugger ;)

i was stuck with this olive tree it's 23 cm high and ive had it over a year every time i looked at it i just couldent quiet make out wot to do with the 3 branches i had left and tonight i had realized TAPER so i got out my hacksaw and went to it.

i will give it another year and see how it goes :.)


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