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STL Study Group in session.
« on: November 08, 2013, 03:07 PM »
One of the St. Louis Study Groups will be in session this weekend - Hagedorn's in town. I'll post some pictures Sunday evening when I get a chance. When I joined the group a few years ago I started bringing lunch on Saturday for the everyone. One of the other members started bringing it on Sunday. We have a great time working on trees with our teacher, we learn a lot and eat & drink well. I've been getting emails from my buddies all week wanting to know what is on the menu. Tomorrow the main course with be my Mother's recipe for Chicken Cacciatore. In the ancient world the best meat never made it home for cooking. It was eaten on the spot by the hunters in the field. Cacciatore, which means 'hunter' in Italian, is such a preparation. Traditionally a stew of game, forest herbs, forged mushrooms, wild onions, and a shot of whatever alcoholic sustenance the hunter had on hand. Cacciatore was primal nourishment. My Mom's recipe is particularly good. Hope eve one is enjoying the fall with their trees before that are put down for their winter's nap.


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I'm suddenly very hungry...enjoy your weekend, video hagedorn so we can all study with you ;)

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