Author Topic: What is similar in looks and easiness to a Japanese Garden Bonsai tree  (Read 59 times)


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Hi everyone! O.K. so after doing some research I wanted to get a Japanese Garden Pine bonsai. I may be saying that wrong or left a word out. I am not even sure if it's considered a pine. I just know it's a Japanese Garden something. I can't find where I wrote all my info down. Sorry, all I know is that according to the internet it is suppose to be like the easiest bonsai you can get. My problem is that I live in California. And when I went to buy a small seedling it says that these trees cannot be sent to California! Some regulation thing. So, does anyone know what I can get that looks like this tree and is easy as this tree is to make a bonsai out of? So far I am not having good luck with my bonsai's. 😞 Thx