Author Topic: Acacia Karoo - Sweet Thorn - Bunjin Style  (Read 71691 times)


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Re: Acacia Karoo - Sweet Thorn - Bunjin Style
« Reply #90 on: February 25, 2016, 05:06 AM »
"break those off".
One normally wants to grow sacrifice branches just above where trunk size is desired.  Is this not true?  Should not be way up at terminus or all trunk will have none or little taper.

Hi Potawatomi

I am trying to find where this was mentioned.  The last quote on that was said that I used to break them off but I no longer do it because it will help with the thickening of the trunk

I have always been breaking off the new shoots that have started to grow on the trunk.  As soon as they would appear, I would break them off.  The reason for this was that I was worried that it would start to create bumps on the trunk where it grows.  I noticed that after all this rapid growth, the shoots along the trunk thicken up without any noticeable swelling at the base of the growth. For this reason I am now leaving the new growth along the trunk for longer as it will definitely assist with the thickening up of the trunk.
Also the quote on less soil.  Cannot find that.

The tree will only be potted into a smaller pot with less soil once I am happy with the growth, thickness, style etc.  Definitely less soil stunts the growth and for now, it is in a fairly large pot on the ground in the garden.  The roots that are developing are free to run out of the soil into the ground and continue to grow for the next few seasons whilst I watch it.



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Re: Acacia Karoo - Sweet Thorn - Bunjin Style
« Reply #91 on: February 27, 2016, 03:36 AM »

Found it!  This was on second page. "less soil"

Very good virt. Will work well I think. Its a long term project Dorian especially with a sweet thorn. Its growth habit is long internodes, and you have to contain that to achieve the above. Less soil, food, water and frequent trimming. Its a fine line that I really struggle with, because that is opposite to what we normally do ...... :P
 Hopefully the more experience people will give some input....  ;)
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