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August 16, 1914
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Good Evening All,

With the excitement of my Chicago trip this weekend I forgot to post last thursday a note to commemorate the date of John Naka's birth August 16th, 1914. So this evening I pulled out my copies of Bonsai Techniques I & II and looked through them to celebrate the life a great man to whom Bonsai in America owes so much. As I did I sipped a glass of California Cabernet Sauvignon and drank to his memory. My copy of II was number 369 of 500 from a limited hard bound edition. It is inscribed by Naka to Jean Waldberg July 1982 - God's fragrance is here, In the smallest wildflower, I trace his presence.

Naka's presence today too continues to be felt by many in our community. Both those who knew him personally and those who only know about him through their stories and his writing. We owe him a great deal for the advancement of bonsai in this country. His enthusiasm was boundless and willingness to teach endless. He tirelessly devoted himself to the art form we all love and enjoy.


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