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A couple of large cuttings
« on: May 09, 2014, 08:14 AM »
   I thought I would share this. I took these 2 in February from the tops of a cuplle of Chinese elms I bought from Steve Pilacek at Matsu Momiji. One is plain old Chinese elm the other is cork bark Chinese elm.
 Both of these "cuttings are around 2" in diameter. The trees were fully dormant when I cut them down.
  First I prepared the collander by filling it up with Napa floor dry with a little pine bark.
  Next I made sure it was saturated.
  Then I buried these cuttings in the collanderr around an inch deep. No hormone. You really don't need rooting hormone for elms. You can throw a log of elm on wet ground and it will root and grow. Seen it.
  It's what I do after I get my cuttings in their new home that makes this work almost every time. I set the collander in a pan of water so it never dries out then set the whole thing on a heating pad set to low.
  As you can see it works. Also I know they rooted because they are still growing. It only took about 2 weeks for them to show green.
  I learned this trick from an "herb gardener" years ago. This year I'm trying it out on Japanese maples and maybe hornbeams. If it works I'll post it.