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2009 KoB Progressive Styling Contest - September 1 Deadline!


We are pleased to announce the official start of the third annual Knowledge of Bonsai Progressive Styling Contest sponsored by Bonsai Focus Magazine!

The contest that has been called the best on the web returns with some tweaks and refinements to the rules, reflecting comments and suggestions by many past entrants.

We have eliminated the separate Professional and Non-Professional categories. Besides reducing the extra work created verifying entrants, researching claims, investigating complaints, and sorting the entries this separation created, eliminating the separation better reflects our philosophy here at KoB.

We have also reduced the number of categories, eliminating those based on styles and instead creating an open environment for all styles. Considering that the style of the tree in this contest is not as important as the end result and the path taken to get there, we feel this is an excellent change. This decision will also reduce the number of winners, thereby increasing the value of prizes for the winners.

We have also eliminated the “one entry per person” rule and will allow multiple entries per person this year.

The winner of this years contest will have their entry published in Bonsai Focus Magazine and, of course, there will be plenty of other prizes for the winners of each category!

For rules and other information see

BSG Moderator:

Thanks for stopping by and posting the announcement.  We do hope that you'll come back and contribute to the community here.

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