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WTB: Painted Nick Lenz pots

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Looking for any painted Lenz pots.

Do you have any examples of what you're looking for?  I've only got one NL pot and there are a few features that hadto've been painted on ...but I doubt that's what you're looking for.

I was at New England Bonsai a week or so ago, they had several of Nick's pots, don't recall if they were glazed or not, but they were of reasonable size if my memory serves me correctly.


Dale Cochoy:
I have three of these and two painted coffee mugs, but I'm not ready to sell yet!

but, mine all came through Jim Doyle at Natures way who used to get them often and he had an old employee who bought most of them when they came in. You might call Jim and ask about that? His name is slipping my mind right now but I'm sure he no longer works there and may not even still be into bonsai.

also, Pauline Muth of PFM Bonsai carries a lot of his pots and she might have some.



Thanks for the info Dale.  Please let me know if you ever want to sell your Lenz pots.


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