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WTB Bonsai Today #6

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Dale Cochoy:
I had no particular pot in mind.

Sorry I missed the $7.99 mag, a fair price, no way I'd pay $30, but WOULD trade a $30 pot.
I need to check messages more often!

Jerry, they are only worth what someone will pay for them. I used to see old issues for $100-200, not sure they sold, but I'll sure bet some folks kicked their own butts for spending that on a magazine!


Dale Cochoy:
I feel complete now!
During the PBA show in Washington DC last weekend another vendor, Julian Adams, had a handfull of older BT mags on his table for $10ea. and there it was, just waiting for me!
So, now I have the COMPLETE Bonsai Today collection #1 thru 108 PLUS all the subsequent Bonsai Focus numbers continuing on after the transfer up to the newest issue, #133 I think.
$1,000 INCLUDING shipping within USA. The remainder of this years BF will be forwarded to any buyer.


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