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Trident Maple - #W5301 (In ground)


Ground grown trident maple #W5301

Visable root spread: 21"
Base around tree above nebari: 17"
Shipping height: 48" (+)

Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum) Zones: 4B - 9. Highly valued as a bonsai subject. Tri-lobed leaves, glossy green leaves. Turns various shades of red, orange, and yellow in autumn. Leaves reduce down easy. Moderate to fast growth rate.

The price of this tree on my website is $815.00. I am offering it here ONLY to members of this study group for $715.00 (+ shipping).

Want references??? Checkout my 100% satisfaction ratings on ebay (search member name "jctenchi").

Please feel free to contact me through this forum or call 800-438-9614

Well, I was curious, so I did go and look on eBay. You do have a 124 feedback all positive. But......
You are selling this tree on line for $650 and paying the eBay fees.
You are offering it here at a discount for $715.....
I'm confused.
Not interested, but confused.

Uh.. sorry, thanks for letting me know Jay. WOW... egg all OVER my face :-O
It has already been removed from ebay.

I guess I lied (lol). Actually, that was a mistake, hence the different stock number on ebay #5003 than the one above (#5301). I simply posted the wrong tree. As far as ebay goes, I also sell under 2 other names (and many sales take place outside of ebay anyway). Most of the time I simply select an active item of the same species and click on "sell a similar item" and change the info (WAY faster to post that way).

Sometimes I forget to change price (most common), weight, sizes and yes, even pictures sometimes (even though I have stock numbers on every tree). Obviously, I would not have sent everyone here to ebay if I was trying to be dishonest. This tree IS listed on my site ( for 815.00 (and THAT I am sure of).

Glad nobody bought it though because I would have had to sell it for that. HOWEVER, just to be on the up an up,I will now offer this tree (only here) for a better deal than WAS on ebay 600.00 + shipping, PLUS... I'll throw in another smaller trident for free as a way of saying "sorry for the mistake in listing". I didn't mean to mislead anyone.

THANKS JAY! I will try not to make any mistakes here (or anywhere) again my friend.


Well,we all are human. Mistakes happen, glad you were able to clear it up.
Joe, perhaps I'll stop by and visit you when (and if) I return to Florida. I've been known to go at the end of ski season.
Was down in Tampa and Venice at the end of March this year.


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