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Pumice for sale to Mid-North Atlantic

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Joshua Hanzman:
So, although it took me a while and it was not easy to do (seriously this took some hardcore haggling/searching to get a hold of) I finally found, bought and am making available pumice for sale in the tri-state area. I bought a ton (minimum they would sell) and am now making it available to anyone who wants some! I've been mulling over what to charge, I want to be fair but also it cost me a lot both monetarily and time-wise as I spent a few days work procuring it. Please let me know if you think this is a reasonable price, please take into consideration it was quite tough (and pricey) for me to get it, I was thinking this for the price breakdown-

50 lbs for $30
250 lbs for $110
500 lbs for $190

I am willing to deliver if the distance is reasonable/ the order is large enough just ask me.
Any other amounts or delivery prices just call me, Josh @ (732)484-6621, or email me

***One question for you guys- do you think it makes sense for me to rent space at MABS? I was going to go there and sell pumice/lava/high fired clay mix and individually, but I won't do it if the vets here think it's not a good idea/investment...

Owen Reich:
I doubt there is any vendor space left.  That fills up fast. 

You have to start somewhere.

   Get some screen and wire to give away?

   Maybe mark one or two bags with a hidden stamp, and give away a tree for whoever selects that bag. Some folks will buy more for the chance to win.

   Set yourself apart, make them buy from you.

They say you gotta do it for the love though. That kind of makes it a bad investment by default. Make the most of that!  

  I say do it. (Of course)

Or, what Owen just said!

Don't know if it is a good or bad idea.
I do know that there is a vendor who sells soil.
And as Pwen said, there may not be any spots open....
Never hurts to ask....

Joshua Hanzman:
Sorce, thanks for the advice, your too funny, also so enthusiastic, you've got to be a ball to be in a workshop with!

Owen, I called the people over at MABS, and of course, you were dead on, completely filled up. But I'm still glad I called because

like you said Jay it never hurts to ask, and believe it or not they are signing up (maybe just taking names) people for next years MABS! So I may? get a position at next MABS lol.

No matter! I'm sure I'll talk to people about it when I go to MABS, which I'm doing anyways...


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