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I have been growing JBP seedlings for my club for a few years, and it looks like I will have more than I need for personal/club use this spring. I have 200 +/- 2 year old seedlings I can sell.  These have been grown in 100% inorganic soil and had the seedling cutting technique performed on them.  What you will get(see the photos) is an excellent start to growing good/great JBP bonsai.  Low buds(1/2"-3/4" from root flare), and awesome nebari.  At this age they are perfect to be potted up and basic trunk wiring to achieve your desired movement.  If you are interested, we can discuss price based on how many you want.  Excellent opportunity--perhaps the only opportunity?-- for acquiring JBP seedlings with this much care and attention put into them for bonsai purposes.


Are they mikawa? How much for 10? 20?

Depending on price, we would like 12-25 ship to 97321?

Thank you,

Don Dunn:
What is the smallest number you will ship? I know that most growers require a large order, I would only want 5 to 10.
 To California 95014.

Sorry, guys.  I am all sold out.  I usually have extras every year, so in the fall you might have another chance! Thanks for the interest.


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