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JBP Seedlings (3 years old)


Like my recent zelkova serrata sale, this is an opportunity for people to pick up some younger material for a nice price.  These seedlings are 3 years from seed.  It was either a year or two ago that I did initial rootwork on these(note: these are not seedlings grown from the seedling cutting technique).  From the ten or so that I have removed from their pots for another guy, I am mildly pleased with the initial root work.  The worst ones have fair nebari beginnings and the best ones are on par with the other seedlings I have that are seedling cuttings.  I would say they are all pretty uniform in size.  I cull several times during each transplant from seedlings, so I always end up with the As and Bs of the batch that germinated. For rough dimensions, they seem to be about 28" high and 1/4" diameter trunks. Now is a great time to wire your desired lower trunk movement. As you can see in the pictures, some have lower buds, some do not, and some are popping new buds down low.  It has been my experience that when I repot other 2-3 year old JBP from cramped conditions to more open conditions(more sunlight) that they readily develop buds along the trunk within an inch or two of the nebari.  However, if this does not occur during the summer, then you can follow the precedent that others on this board have done, and cut your pine seedlings back to induce this back-budding.  Please PM to discuss pricing and shipping.


Must not have attached the other photos.


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