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Cork bark elm wanted.

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Im wanting some cork bark elm. Let me know if anyone has any for sale or trade.

what size?

same link we gave you before, but thought the folks here would like to see it too.

The elms are at the bottom of the page, and they are amazing.  I can tell you first hand, because I put some of these into the pots and had previously spent a bit of time with a saw removing sacrifice branches that were taller than me.

I own 3 of these Seju elms, as well 2 of his Hokaido elms which are awesome as well.

- bob

Brian Brandley:
I'll second the Evergreen gardens reference.  Brent has sizes from new cuttings, up to 6 or 8 inch diameter trunks on the corkbark elms.


well im looking for small stuff like seedlings or rooted cuttings. Nothing much just some cheap stuff.


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