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Bonsai Today/ Bonsai Focus jan/feb 2005 through mar/apr 2010


OK I'm not getting out of Bonsai....just looking to make room, perhaps make a buck or two for a pot I need and get these to someone who may want or need them.

This is for  issues 95 thru 126 inclusive. That is Bonsai Today issues 95 thru 109 then the name change to Bonsai Focus thru issue 126.  Every issue from Jan/Feb 2005 to Mar/Apr 2010.

So this is for 32 issues all in excellent but read condition. I've seen some issues go for a lot. But I'm not interested in piecing this out so let say $250.00 and I'll cover the shipping costs within the USA... and at nearly 28 pounds shipping ain't cheap. If you are interested outside the US I can't ship for free but maybe we can work it out.

Let me know your thoughts.......PM or even email.


Glad to see all the views..... does t look like there is much interest.... is it the price?
If you have interest but dont like the price give me your price. I will not be insulted but may not like your price.
I will sell this here or elsewhere.....


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