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1 year old Seedling Cutting JBP


I grow JBP seedlings for my club every year, and I typically have a few extras leftover. I usually keep a few for my own future development and then sell the rest off. I grow the seedlings using the cutting method. As a lot know, this develops the beginnings of perfect nebaris, low buds, and overall superior starts to developing pines. I believe Jonas quotes Boon in one of his posts on the subject saying, "this is the only way to grow pine for bonsai". I have about 130-150 seedlings for sale. I picked three seedlings to represent the group. Pine 1 is on the smaller side, because it dedicated energy to three buds of equal vigor instead of one. Pine 2 is the middle of the pack in size. Pine 3 represents the largest seedlings of the group. If you order, you will receive a mix of the three. The closeups of the nebari showcases why I bend over a flat of seedlings with a razor blade and rooting hormone for hours. The worst of the group has 4 roots emerging from the precisely the same spot. You can also see the small buds developing low on the seedlings. These will provide you the opportunity to develop excellent taper in the future through the use of sacrifice branches. They have been grown in a mix of pumice and turface, and will ship mostly bareroot. If interested, please PM me for prices and shipping quotes. Thank you.


other photos

Don Dunn:
Here are  three of the JBPs I got from pwk5017. 
When I got them I first potted them up by first spreading the roots and putting a tile under the roots. This was done to help create a good Nabari. I received 10 trees from pwk5017 and all but one that was chewed by a squirrel have done great.

I am not sure where to go with these at this time. I did not de candle them last June because I was told not to de candle a JBP that was in training only trees that have reached the desired trunk size.

I want to enlarge the diameter of the trunks on these trees and I for sure want to encourage growth in the lower buds.

Should I chop any of these above a low bud?  Should I have de candled them ? I am afraid that all the growth on top will take energy from these lower buds and they will die. I think I can pull a few needles on the top third to help.

Any suggestions, I need  some help here.   



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