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Yamadori Muscadine Grape Vine

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Hi everyone. I've had my eye on this M.grape vine since last summer.  All the  researching I did made me think twice about collecting it.

When I was collecting the vine I noticed there were three more covered in leaf litter. There is one more that has feeder roots close to the trunk. This vines roots all grew laterally but is was a mother to collect. The ground is full of different kinds of vines.

I really would appreciate some advice on aftercare for m. Grape . I know nothing about grape vines. So any tips on where it should be pruned harder or anything else will be br really appreciated .Thanks

Maybe Al can offer some advice.

Thank you Wayne. I breifly looked at the link on my lunch break .But I will check it out  better after work. All my research led me to believe that they are finicky about losing roots . Al shut that down again thanks I am not so worried now.


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