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Wrightia religosa

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Dear Members:
This is my first post, and I hope you will all bear with me.  Last night I took the attached photos.  This tree is one of my favorite flowering trees due to the fact that I prune it hard at least once a week, and then within a few days I am rewarded with at least a hundred flowers.  All those white dots are flowers about to bud.

Hi Irene:
This tree blooms all year! The aroma of Jasmine fills my tree house during the winter when the windows are closed!

Unfortunately, there is no time when all the flowers are in full bloom.  They open for a day or two and then they fall.

I'll try to photo what the area around the tree looks like.


Lovely tree.
One downside to the lovely white flowers is that after they fall they stain things purple. In a home keep the area around the tree covered with something to keep the fallen flowers from staining furniture etc.

Hi Jerry:
Fortunately, I have an indoor/outdoor carpeting in my "tree House" so there is no problem with staining.  In fact I took the attached pictures this morning to show Irene how the tree opens and drops their flowers Indiscriminately..

ken duncan:
Hi Carl, sweet tree. I to have some Wrightias, they are fast growers as are most tropicals. This one looks so healthy to me how do you keep it that way up North?


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