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Owen Reich:
Ume get a number of different fungal, viral, and bacterial issues. 

Verticillium wilt is bad news.  Armillaria is really bad.  Scale, aphids, caterpillars, Japanese beetle, etc.

Totally worth it though   ;D.

Mine didn't have a problem with bugs but even though I coddled it to the point of obsession it would not thrive. It's the climate. Cool humid and wet.


--- Quote from: Judy on June 21, 2015, 11:52 AM ---Thanks Zach, I can look forward to winter more now...I'll have to start figuring out what level of winter protection to give this one.  And also wonder if it can come inside for the flowering cycle, or if that would be harmful to the tree.  If it only needs a short dormancy, I suppose it could stay inside after flowering with my other trees that winter inside if it breaks dormancy.  Anybody up north have a protection scheme that they'd like to share?  I have all kinds of zones for different trees that need winter protection, just trying to determine where this one will fit in.

--- End quote ---
Good question. In Japan it's forced to flower inside to raise the spirit in anticipation of spring. You could get the particulars from someone whose done this there.

So far I've only had to evict an ant nest in the base, other than that, pretty carefree here.  (so far)


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